Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just another full-time indie game developer…

Here are my thoughts, one month in of full-time work:

Cats are weird. We have two, and full-time exposure has swung my opinion from “furry guys with personality quirks” to “if these guys were any bigger, they’d have made a double-team attempt on my life by now, quietly munching my remains with cold dead stares.” That’s the same expression they wear when eating everyday kibble, by the way. I now have to coddle them each day less I get ambushed due to some random reptilian synapse firing in kitty #1.

This is fun. I love the magnitude of work and the challenge. Our tools and our engine are our own, which was the right decision. We don’t have a product yet, so don’t listen to me.  I trust my intuition though, and having an in-house engine and tools to fondle and nurture is a blast.

This was a great decision. Life’s about making rash decisions, failing, being humiliated, and slinking back to whatever soul-crushing “real job” you came from while that guy you hated re-enacts the “they’re reeling ‘em in!” scene from Shawshank Redemption.

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