Unchosen Paths

Unchosen Paths is my guitar-driven tribute to the music of Castlevania, focusing on Castlevania 3. All the songs from CV1, CV2 and CV3 are included.

The original music for Castlevania 3 was made by legendary Club Kukeiha, copyright 1990 Konami. Mad flying chain-whipped props to them for the inspiration. Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness original music by Michiru Yamane.

The tracks won't fit on a single CD: The two medleys (listed first) can exist by themselves, and the rest of the tracks (starting with Stained Glass Filth, labeled 1-16) are the suggested track order if burnt to a CD

Unchosen Paths Castlevania III
More Tracks will be coming soon!

Bonus Track - Scourge of 1691:

Deja Vu is Castlevania 3's version of "Vampire Killer." I decided to include the full Castlevania 1 soundtrack in this medley.

Bonus Track - Creeping Dusk:

Medley. All the songs from CV2 (except dying music). Encounter, Destiny, Pressure, Boss Fight, Block Clear, Overture, Big Battle, All Clear from CV3. Leon's Theme from Lament of Innocence. Followers of Darkness the 3rd from Curse of Darkness. Can you spot the section from Dracula X: Rondo of Blood?

01 - Stained Glass Filth:

Even if you're not familiar with Castlevania 3, you might recognize this familiar tune in the franchise.

02 - Pools of Rust

03 - Froggy Mosh

04 - Scale the Machine

05 - Vengeance

06 - Rancid Purgatory

07 - Trevor's Reflection

08 - Luminescent Blues

09 - Ghost Voyage

10 - Kick That Sinking Feeling

11 - Emerald Ruins

12 - Voice of the Fallen

13 - Enter The Killer

14 - Nefarious

15 - When Spirits Sleep

16 - Shadow Buster