Monday, November 4, 2013

New track, "Krush Kontrol"

Krush Kontrol is a Castlevania: Rondo of Blood track I did for the Vampire Variations II project. It's a remix of "Former Room," a spooky chiptuney song that lets you know the boss is near.


  1. Hey Goat! I randomly searched your stuff after 10+ years of occasional listening (and at one point about 6 years ago listening to *all* your stuff on a winamp playlist repeatedly), was very pleasantly surprised to discover you're still making awesome castlevania remixes. I never understood then what drove you to put in so much work unpaid but was extremely glad you did and am extremely glad to hear you still are, lol. You're the Castlevania music master in my book, just like The Megas are the Megaman music masters. Don't stop the rockin' and I won't stop the listenin'-- Castlevania forever!

  2. Thanks man. Sorry for the late response :/

  3. Damn Krush Kontrol is Catchy. Sounds like Aliens are Invading Castlevania.